How to restore wet documents after smoke damage

While smoke cannot penetrate into the heart of books, smoke damage does cause book edges and covers to be smoke-stained, it emits unpleasant odors from the books, and it can make book pages brittle and weak. Additionally, smoke can ruin book bindings that are not in good condition.

So how can businesses and archives protect their books from getting ruined from smoke damage? Here are some tips:

  • Stack books upright on shelves
  • Books should be stacked tightly so smoke cannot penetrate between covers
  • Store books and documents away from ventilation ducts. Smoke tends to move through buildings via ventilations systems
  • Scan your most important documents to digital storage, so if a calamity hits you will still have access to them.

If your business or home experiences fire damage or smoke damage, call Ambassador Cleaning so they can come clean up the mess and rectify as many of your smoke-filled possessions as possible.

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